Refactor or die

Introducing behavior-state: a BLoC pattern library for React

I’m currently working on my behavior-state library which leverages the primitives of rxjs to create incredible development experiences by creating strict separations between business logic and presentation logic.

Although, little is written on behavior-state there is a rough initial presentation demonstrating the concepts so far.

For other musings, please take a look at the Storybook which is home to most of my recent front-end library experiments.

Todo App Sample

Storybook Source Code

function TodoApp() {
  const state = useContext(TodoState);

  return (
    <div className="container">
      <h1>Todos <small style={{ fontSize: 16}}>APP</small></h1>
      <ul className="list-group">
          nextItem={todo => <TodoItem key={} todo={todo} />}
      <br />
      <form className="form-group" onSubmit={preventDefaultThen(state.addTodo)}>
        <label htmlFor="todo-title">New Todo Title</label>
        <div className="input-group">
            next={value => (
                placeholder="What do you want to get done?"
          <button className="btn btn-primary">Add</button>